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AC Silver is proud to present an extensive selection of antique 1950s jewellery, featuring a range of gemstones including diamonds, aquamarine, ruby, emeralds and more.

Our fine selection of 1950s jewellery has been hand selected by Andrew Campbell and includes 1950s engagement rings, bracelets, brooches and necklaces.

AC Silver offer a 14-day return policy, and include a free ring sizing service.

A date including “circa” reflects an approximation of 10 years to either side of the declared value; thus, an item bearing the date ‘circa 1950’ will be crafted between 1940 - 1960.

1950s jewellery

At first glance, the 1950s may be perceived as a time of fakery, costume jewellery, and anything cheap and cheerful to help raise spirits after the war. While this may be partially true, the 1950s was a time for designers of luxury jewellery to be more creative and push jewellery design boundaries to the limits, incorporating diamonds, gemstones to embellish designs that had never been seen before.

The 1950s was a period of growth; the war is over, the economy is back on its feet and the upper middle class was growing in size. This new found wealth and prosperity was mirrored in the 1950s jewellery styles – bigger, brighter, more glamorous, and of course, more diamonds. The jewellers Debeers almost predicted the future with their slogan “diamonds are forever”, marking an era that saw diamonds continuously grow in popularity; a trend that show no signs of slowing down. Yellow gold was no longer the precious metal of choice; platinum became more readily available and became the preferred setting to showcase gemstones and diamonds of all shapes and sizes.

The 1950s was a time of design innovation, in both fine and costume jewellery. The decade saw the use of larger, colourful precious gemstones, surrounded by an abundance of diamonds. Even with economic growth and associated increase in wealth however, not everyone could afford such finery; and thus saw the rise in popularity of ‘costume jewellery’.

Bold designs adorned with synthetic gemstones, rhinestones, colourful plastics, and base metals mimicked the styles and patterns of far more valuable, fine jewellery.

The 1950s saw the popularity of pearls soar; a string of pearls around the neck became the sure way to show class and wealth without over-gilding the lily as it were. The understated glamour of pearls was soon reflected the costume jewellery industry, and telling the difference between real and fake pearls became increasingly difficult.

In the 1950s, several types of jewellery were popular and reflected the fashion trends and styles of the era. Some of the popular jewellery pieces from that time include:

  • Pearls were highly coveted and associated with elegance and sophistication. Both pearl necklaces and earrings featuring pearls were popular choices, often worn for special occasions.

  • Choker Necklaces were fashionable during the 1950s. These necklaces were worn high on the neck and came in various styles, such as wide ribbon chokers or delicate chain chokers.

  • Charm Bracelets gained popularity during this period. They featured various charms that held personal significance to the wearer, such as initials, birthstones, or symbols representing hobbies and interests.

  • Brooches were commonly worn as decorative accessories. They were often adorned with gemstones or intricate designs and could be pinned on dresses, coats, or hats.

  • Earrings: Stud earrings, often featuring pearls or rhinestones, were popular. Hoop earrings and drop earrings with colourful stones or intricate designs were also trending in the 1950s.

Yes, pearl necklaces were indeed popular in the 1950s. They were considered a classic and elegant accessory during that time. Pearls were highly prized and often associated with sophistication and femininity. Many women wore single or multiple strands of pearls as a fashion statement, particularly for formal or semi-formal occasions.

Pearl necklaces were commonly seen worn with dresses, suits, and other stylish outfits. The 1950s saw the emergence of iconic figures like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, who helped popularize the wearing of pearls and contributed to their status as a timeless and fashionable accessory.

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8.24 ct Diamond and Platinum Ring by Boucheron - Vintage Circa 1950
Price: GBP £49,950.00
2.39ct Diamond and Platinum Solitaire Ring
Price: GBP £29,950.00
5.11ct Colombian Emerald and 3.32ct Diamond, Platinum Dress Ring - Vintage Circa 1950
Price: GBP £29,950.00
21.04ct Diamond and Platinum Bow Brooch - Vintage Circa 1955
Price: GBP £26,550.00
7.93ct Sapphire and 1.95ct Diamond, Platinum Dress Ring - Vintage Circa 1950
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Vintage 3.78 ct Colombian Emerald and 2.18 ct Diamond Dress Ring in Yellow Gold
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Vintage 3.40ct Diamond and Platinum Three Stone Trilogy Ring
Price: GBP £24,950.00
13.50 ct Ceylon Sapphire and 3.27 ct Diamond, Platinum Necklace - Vintage Circa 1950
Price: GBP £23,950.00
1.70 ct Siam Ruby and 3.02 ct Diamond, Platinum Cocktail Ring - Vintage Circa 1950
Price: GBP £23,500.00
3.03 ct Diamond and Platinum Solitaire Ring - Vintage Circa 1950
Price: GBP £23,500.00
1950s Three Stone 3.30ct Diamond Ring in 18ct White Gold
Price: GBP £22,950.00
Vintage 5.19ct Diamond and 18ct White Gold Cluster Ring
Price: GBP £22,950.00
3.53 ct Diamond and Platinum Trilogy Ring - Vintage Circa 1950
Price: GBP £19,995.00
1.94 ct Diamond and 18 ct White Gold Solitaire Ring - Vintage and Contemporary
Price: GBP £19,950.00
Vintage 2.30 ct Emerald Cut Diamond and 18ct White Gold Ring
Price: GBP £14,950.00
4.94ct Diamond and Platinum Cocktail Ring - Vintage Circa 1950
Price: GBP £14,245.00
2.06ct Diamond and 0.46ct Emerald, 18ct White Gold Dress Ring - Vintage French Circa 1950
Price: GBP £14,245.00
2.80 ct Diamond and Platinum Cluster Ring - Antique and Vintage
Price: GBP £13,950.00
Cultured Pearl and 4.50 ct Diamond, Platinum Dress Ring - Vintage Circa 1950
Price: GBP £13,950.00
Vintage 6.87ct Diamond Cornucopia Brooch Platinum
Price: GBP £13,950.00
1.83ct Diamond and 18ct White Gold Dress Ring - Vintage Circa 1950
Price: GBP £13,145.00
22.32ct Aquamarine, 7.62ct Diamond and 18ct Yellow Gold Pendant - Vintage Circa 1950
Price: GBP £12,950.00
Vintage 30.09ct Aquamarine and 2.94ct Diamond Ring in Yellow Gold
Price: GBP £12,950.00
2.72 ct Diamond and 18ct White Gold Dress Ring - Vintage Circa 1950
Price: GBP £12,950.00

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