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En Tremblant Jewellery

What Is En Tremblant Jewellery?

En Tremblant jewellery is a captivating style of jewellery which incorporates moving parts, typically delicate floral or foliage motifs, that tremble or quiver with the wearer's movements. This unique characteristic adds an element of dynamic beauty and elegance to en tremblant pieces.

En Tremblant, a French term meaning "to tremble”, refers to the type of jewellery design that gained popularity during the 18th and 19th century. The defining feature of en tremblant jewellery is its use of articulated elements, typically made from precious metals and gemstones, which are attached to springs. These articulated elements, typically in the form of flowers, leaves, or butterflies, are designed to move in response to the wearer's motion.

History of En Tremblant Jewellery

The history of en tremblant jewellery dates back to the 18th century, more specifically, the Rococo era. This period was known for its emphasis on ornate and delicate design styles. The en tremblant jewellery style originated in Europe and quickly gained popularity among the aristocracy, particularly in France. These jewellery pieces were often commissioned as symbols of status, wealth, and taste. The popularity of en tremblant jewellery further extended into the early 19th century, and during the Napoleonic era (1799-1815) such pieces continued to be favoured by the French nobility and royalty, who sought to showcase their opulence and refinement. Furthermore, the Victorian era, 1837-1901, witnessed a resurgence of interest and popularity in en tremblant jewellery. The sentimental and romantic sensibilities of the time aligned well with the delicate and whimsical nature of the en Tremblant style.

En Tremblant Jewellery

Cultural Significance

En tremblant jewellery reflects the art, craftsmanship, creativity of the eras in which it thrived. Beyond its aesthetic, these pieces often carried symbolic meanings, for instance, flowers represent love, beauty, and femininity, while butterflies symbolise transformation and rebirth. This blend of art and symbolism underscores the cultural significance of en tremblant jewellery as both a form of adornment and a reflection of societal values. En tremblant jewellery holds a distinct place in the history of decorative arts, characterised by its intricate designs and captivating movements. The style's popularity in various historical periods underscores its enduring appeal and ability to capture the imagination. The fusion of craftsmanship, symbolism, and dynamic beauty makes en tremblant jewellery a cherished and timeless category within the realm of fine jewellery.

Here are some stunning examples of jewellery in the en tremblant style we have in stock at AC Silver

En Tremblant Jewellery

This stunning, fine and impressive vintage diamond brooch has been crafted in 18 carat white gold. The floriated wreath design of this piece is ornamented with ten flower-head cluster tremblant settings. Such a setting style indicates the high quality of the piece. Each flower head on the brooch is embellished with seven transitional modern brilliant round cut diamonds and is further ornamented with twenty individually four claw set transitional modern brilliant round cut diamonds. The brooch incorporates into linear settings alternating each floral cluster, completeing the en tremblant design style.

En Tremblant Jewellery

This stunning, fine and impressive antique brooch has been crafted in 9 carat yellow gold with a silver setting and has been modelled in the form of a butterfly. The head of the butterfly displays a silver pavé set Old European cut diamond and incorporates yellow gold collet set 0.04ct round faceted cut emeralds representing the eyes and tips to the antennae. The pierced decorated, extended wings are embellished with a total of forty-eight Old European cut diamonds, completing the design. The brooch is fitted with a tremblant setting, allowing for realistic movement of the butterfly which is a fine feature and indicates the high quality of the piece.

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