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Black Gemstones

Technically speaking, black isn’t a colour. Black is the darkest tone you can get. In gemmology, black actually refers to the relative darkness or brightness of a hue, rather than tone and saturation associated with colour. However, regardless of the technical term, these gemstones are referred to as “black” in colour when described by professionals.

The world of black gemstones is a realm of unique elegance and beauty. From the rarity of black diamonds and black pearls to vibrance of a black opal, each black gemstone brings its own unique character, especially in the world of jewellery. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, black gemstones captivate and inspire jewellery artisans and enthusiasts alike.

black gemstone jewellery

Black Sapphire

Black sapphires contain a stunning variety of corundum and showcase a velvety black hue. These particular black gemstones are renowned for their brilliance and are often found in earrings, pendants, and vintage-style sapphire rings.

Black Diamond

Black diamonds, otherwise known as carbonados, are one of the rarest and most intriguing of the black gemstones. Their deep black colour, often accompanied by subtle hints of other hues, adds an air of mystery to any jewellery piece. Black diamonds are often recognized for their durability and are often used in engagement rings or other statement jewellery pieces.

black diamond gemstone
black diamond gemstone
black diamonds

Black Jade

Black jade has a lustrous and dark appearance which is highly sought after in jewellery making. This black gemstone smooth texture and unique colour make it a popular choice for creating elegant earrings, pendants, and exquisite beadwork.

Black Spinel

Black spinel is a gemstone with a highly refractive index which can resemble a midnight sky. This gemstone is a particularly popular choice for adding drama and elegance to various jewellery designs, from cocktail rings to necklaces.

Black Opal

Black opals are renowned for their vibrant play-of-colour set against a dark background. These gemstones are characterised for their iridescence and are often set in opulent rings and pendants that create a striking contrast.

black opal gemstone
black opal
black opal jewellery

Black Diopside

Black diopside, otherwise known as star diopside, is a lesser-known gem with a deep, velvety black colour. While black diopside is not as common in jewellery as other black gemstones, it can be found in beautifully crafted rings, earrings and cufflinks.

Black Diopside
Black Diopside Gemstone
Black Diopside jewellery

Black Garnet

Black garnets, although less common, exhibit a mesmerising deep red-black hue. These black gemstones are often utilised in unique jewellery creations as they can make a bold statement with their dark, rich colour.


The black gemstone of jet is a prehistoric fossilised wood, prized for its intense black colour. Originating from Whitby in North Yorkshire, jet has a rich history of being used in mourning jewellery and continues to be popular in both traditional and contemporary designs.

Black Pearl

Black pearls, formed within exotic black-lipped oysters, are often recognised for their rarity and unique coloration. Black pearls are often incorporated into necklaces, earrings, and brooches, which add an element of sophistication to many jewellery pieces.

black pearl
black pearl earrings
black pearl gemstone


Black agate, which has striking bands and patterns, is a versatile gemstone which is used in a wide range of jewellery styles. Agate is often fashioned into beaded bracelets, statement rings, and unique cabochon pendants.

black agate gemstone
agate gemstone
black agate

Black Onyx

Black onyx has a sleek and solid black appearance, making it a classic choice for many jewellery enthusiasts. The black onyx gemstone is commonly used in cufflinks, men's onyx rings, mourning jewellery and other jewellery accessories.

black onyx gemstone
black onyx
black onyx jewellery

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a gemstone which is often celebrated for its protective properties and stunning black crystal structure. Its use in jewellery is not only fashionable but is also believed to offer spiritual benefits, such as grounding, purification, and protection. Black tourmaline is often featured in bracelets, pendants, and other protective amulets.

Black Gemstones in Jewellery

The aesthetic allure of black gemstones in jewellery adds sophistication and drama to any design. From elegant black diamond engagement rings to timeless black onyx cufflinks, these black gems enhance the aesthetics of many gemstone jewellery pieces.

Whether it’s antique, vintage, or contemporary styles, the versatility of the black gemstone can complement any fashion statement, thus making them a sought-after choice for jewellery found across the world.

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