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Antique Toby Jug
Antique Toby Jug Antique Jug Toby Jug Antique Silver Toby Jug Antique Silver Jug 1904 silver jug Toby jug in silver antique silver toby jug Antique Toby Jug

German Sterling Silver Toby Jug - Antique 1904


An exceptional, fine and impressive antique German sterling silver novelty cream/Toby Jug; an addition to our silver teaware collection

SKU A5733

This exceptional antique German sterling silver cream jug has been realistically modelled in the form of a Character/Toby Jug*.

The heavy-set figure is embellished with chased decoration realistically modelled in the form of 18th century attire, incorporating a waistcoat and long outer-coat.

This antique Toby Jug is further ornamented with a smoking pipe and drinking vessel in either hand.

The shape of the flared upper portion of the jug pertains to a tricorn hat and incorporates a pouring spout to the anterior edge.

This fine novelty silver cream jug is fitted with an opposing scrolling leaf decorated handle.

The character surmounts a domed base encircled with a trellis of lozenge designs, replicating the details of tiles.

This antique Toby Jug retains the original gilded interior.

The hallmarks struck to the underside of this impressive jug include:

Maker's mark: Pseudo KKK (Karl Kurz)

Importer's mark: SBL (Samuel Boyce (or Boaz) Landeck)

Import mark: Acorn (Chester, England)

Import date mark: D (1904)

Silver quality/purity mark: .925 (sterling standard, 925/1000)

Additional marks: Hanau hallmarks

* A Toby Jug, also known as a Fillpot/Philpot are typically pottery jugs modelled in the form of a recognizeable person, such as a King of England. A figure only depicted from the shoulders upwards or later pieces are often called 'Character Jugs'.

Maker: Karl Kurz

Date: 1904

This antique cream jug is an exceptional gauge of silver, exceptional quality and in exceptional condition.

There are some natural fire marks in keeping with age.

The chased decoration is very sharp.

Full import hallmarks and Pseudo hallmarks struck to the underside of the jug are all very clear.

Reflections in photographs may detract from the true representation of this example of antique silverware.

Length from back of handle to tip of lip 6.3cm/2.5"

Width 3.4cm/1.3"

Height 6.3cm/2.5"

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