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Russian Enamel Vesta Case
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Russian Silver Shoe Vesta Case - Antique Circa 1855


An exceptional, fine and impressive antique Russian silver vesta case in the form of a shoe; an addition to our diverse smoking related silverware collection

SKU C2122

This exceptional antique silver vesta case has been realistically modelled in the form of a shoe.

The surface of this vesta is embellished with fine niello enamel ornamentation replicating the design to the shoe and incorporating Russian initials to either side.

The upper portion of the shoe is fitted with a hinged hallmarked cover.

The underside of the shoe features a serrated panel/match striker in addition to further ornamentation to the sole.

The hallmarks struck to this antique Russian enamel vesta case include:

Silver quality/purity mark: 84 (84 zolotniks*)

City Mark: Novocherkassk, Russia**

This exceptional example of antique silverware features no maker's mark; the maker is therefore unknown.

* 84 zolotniki is equivalent to 875/1000 or .875 standard silver

** The assay/city mark for Novocherkassk  is the double headed imperial halved above diagonal quarters with crossed spears & scepters, flags and castle; this represents derives from the Novocherkassk coat of arms.

This antique Russian enamel vesta case is an exceptional gauge of silver, exceptional quality and in exceptional condition.

The niello enamel is in perfect condition.

There is a slight opening to the silver on the sole of the shoe; this does not affect the integrity of the piece.

The Russian hallmarks to the interior of the cover are very clear.

Reflections in photographs may detract from the true representation of this antique Russian vesta case.

Length 8cm/3.1"

Width 2cm/0.8"

Height 2.4cm/0.9"

0.7 troy ounce/20.7g

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