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Silver Vinaigrettes

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AC Silver is pleased to offer a fine range of antique silver vinaigrettes for sale.

Our diverse vinaigrette inventory includes exceptional and collectable examples from the Victorian and Georgian eras, in addition to a range of vinaigrettes available to buy from the prolific maker Nathanial Mills.

What is a vinaigrette?

These delicate boxes were fashioned in innumerable shapes and forms, and were used to transport small quantities of perfumes or smelling salts. Each item of antique silver features an inner grille which allowed for a sponge soaked in the perfume or aroma of the owner’s choice to be held within.

Vinaigrette boxes are often highly ornamented, and here at AC Silver we have an impressive collection of vinaigrettes, including; novelty vinaigrettes, castle top vinaigrettes and items crafted not only from silver but glass, gold and silver gilt.

Learn more about the history of the vinaigrette.

antique silver vinaigrettes

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