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At AC Silver we are pleased to be able to offer our customers a collection of antique and vintage bar brooches, including large statement gemstone and diamond examples.

This selection of elongated horizontal bar brooches includes pieces which were crafted in the Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian periods.

Andrew Campbell, using his 40 years experience within the antique industry, handpicks all vintage and antique bar brooches for sale.

vintage antique bar brooches for sale

The bar brooch is a widely-loved section of the antique jewellery world. Introduced to the mainstream in the 1890s, bar brooches became popular very quickly. As with many antique jewellery trends, the popularity of the bar brooch originated from royal families around the world.

Queen Victoria, had a diamond bar brooch that she wore on her Sash of the Order of the Garter. Accessorising was one of the Queen’s many talents, and she passed the majority of her jewellery down to her children. In fact, there are many images of both Queen Alexandra and the Queen Mother wearing the very same diamond bar brooch – sometimes affixed to their own sashes.

Another popular royal bar brooch can be found in Queen Margrethe II of Denmark’s jewellery box. The Connaught pearl bar brooch that the Queen has been pictured wearing time and time again has a far-reaching history. Originally owned by Princess Louise Margaret of Prussia, the brooch was a gift from her husband, the Duke of Connaught – one of Queen Victoria’s sons. Princess Louise gifted the brooch to her daughter, Patricia of Connaught.

There is a photograph dated to the 1919 wedding of Princess Patricia where she can be seen wearing the Connaught pearl bar brooch on the bodice of her wedding dress. Although Patricia stepped away from royalty through her marriage, she gifted the brooch back into the royal rotation. Gifting the brooch to – then Crown Princess – Margrethe as a celebration for her eighteenth birthday saw the brooch brought back into the limelight, and the Queen has made excellent use of it in the decades since.

Early designs of bar brooches can be split into ‘day’ and ‘night’ brooches. Women of the Victorian era wore lots of jewellery, with their evening outfits requiring their more formal pieces. Bar brooches for the evening featured gemstones, diamonds in particular, in order to properly accentuate the woman’s overall attire. Bar brooches from this era that were intended for regular day wear were generally much plainer. Made with plain yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and silver, these brooches were often without further ornamentation. These brooches walked the line between being decorative and practical for the typical Victorian woman.

The bar brooches that were popular in the late Victorian period reflect some of the changing social attitudes of the time. It was becoming increasingly more common and accepted for women to partake in sports of many kinds.

This affinity for exercise and sport can be seen through the emerging bar brooch designs that were themed. Riding crops, tennis racquets, and golf clubs are just a few examples of the more sport-oriented designs that were very popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

As the 20th century developed, gemstones became a greater focus for brooches, and bar brooches would often have well-sized diamonds in a simple row rather than imitating a specific icon. Due to the advancements in jewellery-making technology, it became a more popular choice to wear geometric brooches. The Art Deco jewellery trend of geometry and oversized jewellery pieces seemed to spell the end of the bar brooch for a while. Larger brooches were the norm for a while, but the simplicity and elegance of the bar brooch has longevity, and it endures as a popular style today.

A bar brooch is a type of decorative jewellery accessory that consists of a narrow, elongated bar-shaped design. It typically features a pin or clasp at the back that allows it to be attached to clothing, such as a lapel, collar, or scarf.

A bar brooch can be worn in various ways depending on personal style and preference. It is commonly worn on a lapel, where it can add a touch of elegance to a blazer, jacket, or coat. You can also wear it on a collar, scarf, or even as a hair accessory.

You can also wear it vertically as opposed to the more common horizontal placement.

Bar brooches can be made from a wide range of materials, including precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. Bar brooches, if more luxurious, can also feature gemstones, enamel, diamonds or other decorative elements.

Bar brooches are not exclusively for women. They can be worn by anyone who appreciates the style and wishes to accessorize their clothing. Bar brooches come in various designs, including those suitable for men. It ultimately depends on personal taste and the desired aesthetic.

Bar brooches have been popular throughout different periods of jewellery history, so you can find both vintage and contemporary designs. Vintage/ antique bar brooches often exhibit unique craftsmanship and design styles from specific eras.

3.13 ct Diamond and 15 ct Yellow Gold Bar Brooch - Antique Circa 1890
Price: GBP £7,950.00
6ct Ruby and 1.31ct Diamond, Platinum Bow Brooch - Antique Circa 1925
Price: GBP £7,645.00
2.14 ct Diamond and 9 ct Yellow Gold Bar Brooch - Antique Circa 1900
Price: GBP £6,325.00
5.45 ct Diamond and Platinum Bar Brooch - Antique Circa 1910
Price: GBP £5,950.00
10.75 ct High Zircon and 0.60 ct Diamonds, Platinum Bar Brooch - Art Deco - Antique Circa 1930
Price: GBP £4,950.00
Edwardian 1.50ct Emerald and 2.62ct Diamond Brooch in White Gold
Price: GBP £4,950.00
6.09ct Diamond and 10ct Yellow Gold Bar Brooch - Antique Circa 1900
Price: GBP £4,895.00
1.62ct Diamond and 12ct Yellow Gold, Platinum Set Bar Brooch - Antique Circa 1920
Price: GBP £4,125.00
Natural Pearl and 3.10ct Diamond Brooch in 15ct Yellow Gold
Price: GBP £3,950.00
1.20ct Diamond, Pearl and Ruby, 14ct Yellow Gold and Silver Fox Brooch - Antique Circa 1880
Price: GBP £3,750.00
2.60ct Sapphire and 2.55ct Diamond, Platinum Bar Brooch - Antique Circa 1900
Price: GBP £3,575.00
1920s 1.25ct Sapphire, 2.34ct Diamond and Platinum Brooch
Price: GBP £3,450.00
0.48ct Emerald and 1.29ct Diamond, Platinum Brooch - Art Deco - Antique Circa 1930
Price: GBP £3,245.00
2.38ct Ruby, 0.30ct Diamond, Pearl and 14ct Yellow Gold Crescent Bar Brooch - Antique Victorian
Price: GBP £3,245.00
0.56ct Ruby and 1.32ct Diamond, 12ct White Gold Bar Brooch - Antique Circa 1920
Price: GBP £2,950.00
2.63ct Amethyst and 2.24ct Diamond, 15ct White Gold Bar Brooch - Antique Circa 1900
Price: GBP £2,750.00
1.44 ct Diamond and 15ct Rose Gold Bar Brooch - Antique Circa 1910
Price: GBP £2,650.00
Natural Pearl and 0.78ct Diamond, 18ct Yellow Gold Bar Brooch - Antique Circa 1880
Price: GBP £2,650.00
1.01ct Demantoid Garnet and 0.35ct Diamond, 14ct Rose Gold Bar Brooch - Antique Circa 1900
Price: GBP £2,450.00
1.59ct Diamond and Platinum Basket Brooch - Antique Circa 1910
Price: GBP £2,250.00
1.55ct Chrysoberyl and 1.10ct Diamond, Pearl and 18ct Yellow Gold Bar Brooch - Antique Victorian
Price: GBP £2,195.00
1.05 ct Ruby and 0.44 ct Diamond, 18 ct Yellow Gold Earring and Brooch Set - Vintage 1989
Price: GBP £2,085.00
6.69 ct Citrine, 0.28 ct Diamond and Onyx, 14 ct Yellow Gold Brooch - Antique Circa 1920
Price: GBP £1,995.00
Antique Seed Pearl Bird Brooch in Yellow Gold
Price: GBP £1,995.00

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