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Frequently Encountered Newcastle Goldsmiths and Silversmiths

Listed in alphabetical order

Bulman, George

George Bulman worked as an apprentice and later as a journeyman to the silversmith Francis Batty II. After Batty's death, Bulman worked independently for eleven years until his own untimely death by drowning!

Cameron, Alexander

From 1828-1831 Alexander Cameron, a Dundee based jeweller, silversmith, clock and watchmaker, used the Newcastle Assay Office to verify his silver spoons, forks, knives, ladles and tongs.

Cookson, Isaac

The most famous of the early Georgian goldsmiths was Isaac Cookson. He developed a flourishing business based in Newcastle Upon Tyne from a shop previously owned by the late Francis Batty II. After Cookson's death in 1754, the business was sold to his journeymen, John Langlands I (see below) and John Goodrick.

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Popular Newcastle Goldsmiths
Popular Newcastle silversmiths

Darling, John

John Darling worked in partnership with John Robertson I until 1798. After many years of working independently, Darling invited his assistant, James Bell to become partner in the business, mainly producing items of jewellery until his death in 1822. Several pieces of silver have survived bearing his mark.

Kirkup, James

Soon after completing his apprenticeship in 1713 under Eli Bilton and John Younghusband, Kirkup started business as a silversmith and jeweller. After his death in 1753 his widow Jane Kirkup continued to manage the shop based in Newcastle town centre and his son, John Kirkup assumed control of the manufacturing side of the business until 1774.

Langlands, John I, John II and Dorothy

For sixty years the Langlands family were the largest manufactureres of plate in Newcastle.

After the death of Isaac Cookson in 1754, two of his former apprentices and journeymen John Langlands I and John Goodrick took over his business manufacturing a moderate range of silverware. This partnership ended with the death of Goodrick in 1757; the business not only survived, but continued to thrive and in 1788 John Langlands I formed a partnership with John Robertson I. This well respected and recognised partnership was dissolved in 1795, two years after Langland's death. Under the management of Langland's son, John Langlands II the business continued to produce a high level of silver plate, and even after his death in 1804, his widow Dorothy Langlands maintained a flourishing business until her retirement in 1814.

newcastle silversmiths
Popular Newcastle silversmiths
Popular Newcastle silversmiths

Lister, William I

William Lister I was first registered in the Newcastle records in 1821. In 1840 a partnership was created between Lister and his two sons, Clement and William II, the firm known as Lister and Sons.

Mitchison, John

Not only did Mitchison serve his apprenticeship with John Kirkup, but he continued to work for him until Kirkup's retirement in 1774. For the next ten years he worked in partnership with William Stalker until Stalker withdrew from the trade in 1784. After this time, Mitchison worked independently until his death in 1792.

Partis, Thomas I and Thomas II

Thomas Partis I of Sunderland had his work assayed in Newcaslte from 1720 until 1747, when he was unfortunately murdered! His son Thomas Partis II manufactured plate, and was registed for two years from 1751.

Popular Newcastle silversmiths
Popular Newcastle silversmiths
Popular Newcastle silversmiths

Partis, William

Partis, (probably unrelated to Thomas, see above), learned his trade as a servant to James Kirkup. He traded in Newcastle from 1733 until his death in 1759.

Reid, Christian Ker I

Initially Reid worked with Langlands and Robertson (see above) before setting up business on his own in 1788. Many years later, in 1818 the firm's name became CK Reid and Son when David Reid was taken in to partnership, and then in 1833 it changed again to become Reid and Sons, with the introduction of his younger son Christian Bruce Reid.

The company name is still retained today.

Robertson, John I, John II and Ann

After his initial partnership with John Langlands (see above) ended in 1795, John Robertson I and David Darling created an equally productive, yet very short-lived partnership. After fifteen months this partnership was dissolved and John Robertson worked independantly until his death in 1801. His widow, Ann then ran the business in her own name until she retired in 1811, with the business transferring to her nephew John Robertson II. It was he who divided the business in to two: retail and manufacturing, with the manufacturing section run in joint names of John Robertson II and John Walton (see below). Unfortunately, when Walton withdrew from the firm at the end of 1820, Robertson II went bankrupt.

Sewell, Thomas I

From 1846 Sewell produced a wide range of small silverware such as pieces of flatware, bottle labels and napkin rings. In 1872 he took his son into partnership, and the business was known as T Sewell & Son until his death in 1883.

Popular Newcastle silversmiths
Popular Newcastle silversmiths
Popular Newcastle silversmiths

Walton, John

Following his withdrawal from his partnership with John Robertson II (see above) in 1820, Walton became the largest silver plate and jewellery manufacturer in Newcastle, working independently until his retirement in 1866.

Watson, Thomas

Working as a goldsmith, silversmith and jeweller from 1793 to 1845, Watson was recognised as one of the larger manufacturers of the period.

Wheatley, Thomas and James Atkinson

Wheatley was based in the North of England in Carlisle. Between 1826 and 1860 he sent a wide range of silverware to Newcastle for assay. His son James Atkinson Wheatley continued to use his father's mark until 1869.

Wright, John

Following the dissolution of his partnership with George Samuel Lewis in 1824, Wright manufactured small silver items such as flatware and tongs intil 1845.


Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Registered With Newcastle Assay Office


Alder, Cuthbert Gibson Alder and Son, Blyth

Ashworth, Mercy, Durham


Baily, Samuel, Newcastle

Bainbridge, Jonathan, Durham

Baker, Valentine, Newcastle

Balderson, William

Banks, John

Barrett, John, Sunderland

Bartlet, Philip, Newcastle

Batty, Francis I, Newcastle

Batty, Francis II, Newcastle

Bayrheed, William, Durham

Beatch, Patrick, Newcastle

Beckett, Mann, Durham

Beilby, William, Durham

Bell, James,Newcastle

Bell, Margaret, Newcastle

Bentley, John, Stockton

Bilton, Eli I, Newcastle

Breckenridge, Hugh

Brock, James, Whitehaven

Brown, John, Carlisle

Buckle, Joseph, York

Buckle, Stephen, York

Bulman, George, Newcastle

Buxton, William, Bishop Auckland

Buxton, John Moresby, Bishop Auckland


Cameron, Alexander, Dundee

Campbell, Alexander, Newcastle

Carnaby, John, Newcastle

Cook, John, Newcastle

Cookson, Isaac, Newcastle

Cox, George Curling, Whitehaven

Crawford, James, Newcastle

Crawford, Sarah, Newcasdtle

Crawford, David, Newcastle

Cumberledge, James


Dalton, William, Newcastle

Darling, David, Newcastle

Davis, Elias, North Shields

Deas, John

Dinsdale, Christopher I, Newcastle and Sunderland

Dinsdale, Christopher II, Newcastle

Dinsdale, James Knight, Newcastle

Dinsdale, Cuthbert, Newcastle

Dowthwaite, John, Newcastle

Dowthwaite, Susanna, Newcastle

Dryden, Benjamin, Newcastle

Duncan, Richard, Carlisle


Edwards, Henry, Newcastle


Fearney, John, Sunderland

Ferguson, Hugh, Carlisle

Floate, Augustin, Gateshead

Foster, James, Newcastle

French, Jonathan


Gillson, Robert, Sunderland

Gladwin, Thomas, Stockton

Gowland, Clement I, Bishop Wearmouth

Gowland, Clement II, Bishop Wearmouth

Gowland, George Hay, Bishop Wearmouth and London


Hamer, Abraham, Newcastle

Hamilton, James, Newcastle

Hedley, Anthony, York and Durham

Hedley, Jane, Durham

Hetherington, James, Newcastle

Hewitt, John, Gateshead and Durham

Hewitson, Thomas I

Hobbs, Richard, Newcastle

Huntington, Thomas, Carlisle

Hutchinson, John, Durham


Jacobs, Joseph, Newcastle

Jacobs, Israel, Newcastle

James, Samuel, Newcastle

James, Peter, Newcastle

Jobson, John, Newcastle

Joel, Trytle, Newcastle

Joel, Simeon, Newcastle

Joel, Maurice, Newcastle


Kelty, Alexander, Newcastle

Kirkup, James, Newcastle

Kirkup, John, Newcastle


Lamb, James, Whitehaven

Lambert, Peter, Berwick Upon Tweed

Langlands, John I, Newcastle

Langlands, John II, Newcastle

Langlands, Dorothy, Newcastle

Langwith, John, York

Latimer, Joseph M., Carlisle

Lewis, George Samuel, Newcastle

Lister, William I, Newcastle

Lister, William II, Newcastle

Lister, Clement, Newcastle

Lowe, John, Carlisle

Lucke, William, Newcastle


Makepeace, Robert, Newcastle

Makepeace, Thomas, Newcastle

Martin, Jonathan, Durham

McDuff, Robert

Mitchell, John, Bishop Wearmouth

Mitchison, John, Newcastle

Murray, George, Newcastle


Ord, Matthew, Hexham

Oswald, Robert, Durham


Partis, Thomas I, Sunderland

Partis, Thomas II, Sunderland

Partis, William, Newcastle

Pedrone, Leo, Carlisle

Pinkney, Robert I, Newcastle


Ramsay, William I, Newcastle

Ramsay, William II, Newcastle

Ramsay, Margaret, Newcastle

Ramsay, John, Newcastle

Reid, Christian Ker I, Newcastle

Reid, David I, Newcastle

Reid, Christian Bruce, Newcastle

Reid, Christian John, Newcastle

Rippon, Robert I, Newcastle

Robertson, John I, Newcastle

Robertson, Ann, Newcastle

Robertson, John II, Newcastle

Robinson, William I

Robinson, William II

Robinson, Thomas I, Gateshead

Ross, Thomas, Carlsile

Ross, Michael, Carlisle

Roy, John, Carlisle

Roy, William, Carlisle


Scott, Robert II, Newcastle

Sewell, Thomas I, Newcastle

Shaw, Nathaniel, Newcastle

Sherwin, William, Durham

Shrive, Robert, Newcastle

Simpson, Anthony

Sollomon, Francis, Whitehaven

Somerville, Francis II, Newcastle

Stalker, William, Newcastle

Stodart, Thomas I, Newcastle

Stodart, John, Newcastle

Sutter, John


Talbot, Alfred Yarrow, Crook

Telford, John I, Carlisle and Wigton

Telford, John II, Wigton

Thompson, John I, Durham

Thompson, Samuel II, Durham

Thompson, Jane, Durham

Thompson, John II, Sunderland

Thompson, James, Darlington


Waller, John, Whitehaven

Walton, John, Newcastle

Watson, Thomas, Newcastle

Weddell, George, London and Newcastle

Wheatley, Thomas,Carlisle

Wheatley, James Atkinson, Carlisle

White, John Holmes, Newcastle

Whitfield, William, Newcastle

Wilkinson, John I

Wilkinson, William, Sunderland

Williamson, William, Whitehaven

Wilson, Robert, Newcastle

Wright, John, Newcastle


Young, Mary Anne, Newcastle

Young, Oliver, Newcastle

Younghusband, John I, Newcastle

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