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1.82ct Diamond and Turquoise, 18ct Yellow Gold Jewellery Set - Antique Early Victorian
Price: GBP £9,845.00
Natural Pearl and Turquoise, 14 ct Yellow Gold Bangle - Antique Victorian
Price: GBP £7,645.00
Vintage Pearl and 23ct Ruby Strand, 4.20 ct Turquoise and 3.38ct Diamond Clasp, 18 ct Yellow Gold Necklace - Vintage Circa 1990
Price: GBP £6,950.00
Turquoise and 0.27ct Diamond, 14ct Yellow Gold Grasshopper Brooch - Antique French Circa 1835
Price: GBP £5,950.00
0.45ct Turquoise and 18 ct Yellow Gold Earrings - Antique Circa 1820
Price: GBP £4,950.00
43.44ct Turquoise and 0.86ct Diamond 18ct White Gold Bangle - Vintage Circa 1980
Price: GBP £3,950.00
Victorian Hardstone Agate, Carved Quartz, Diamond and Turquoise Pendant
Price: GBP £3,950.00
16.90ct Amethyst, 0.91ct Citrine and Turquoise, 20ct Yellow Gold Drop Necklace - Antique Victorian
Price: GBP £3,950.00
1.20ct Turquoise, 2.22ct Diamond and18ct White Gold Ring - Antique Circa 1925
Price: GBP £3,950.00
Turquoise, Ruby and Diamond, 18 ct Yellow Gold Falcon Pin Brooch - Antique Victorian
Price: GBP £3,025.00
0.60ct Turquoise, 0.28ct Diamond and Ruby, 18ct Yellow Gold Bug Brooch - Antique Circa 1895
Price: GBP £2,950.00
0.37ct Turquoise and Garnet, 14ct Yellow Gold Snake Brooch - Antique Circa 1870
Price: GBP £2,950.00
Vintage Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise and Diamond Brooch
Price: GBP £2,950.00
Vintage 18ct Yellow Gold Pearl and Turquoise Chain
Price: GBP £2,950.00
Vintage 8.25ct Dyed Quartz, Turquoise and Ruby Rabbit Brooch in 18ct Yellow Gold
Price: GBP £2,950.00
Turquoise and 18 ct Yellow Gold Mourning Locket Bracelet - Antique Circa 1821
Price: GBP £2,695.00
1.10ct Turquoise and 18ct Yellow Gold Earrings - Vintage Circa 1950
Price: GBP £2,650.00
1.10ct Diamond, 1.90ct Turquoise and Pearl, 9ct Yellow Gold Brooch - Antique Victorian Circa 1880
Price: GBP £2,250.00
Ruby, Sapphire, Turquoise and Diamond, 18 ct Yellow Gold Bird Brooch - Vintage 1971
Price: GBP £1,995.00
Antique Five Stone Turquoise Ring in 18 ct Yellow Gold
Price: GBP £1,995.00
Antique Gold, Turquoise and Pearl Padlock in 9ct Yellow Gold
Price: GBP £1,895.00
11.19ct Agate Bird Brooch with Enamel and 18ct Yellow Gold
Price: GBP £1,895.00
1.32ct Turquoise and 18 ct Yellow Gold Earrings - Vintage Circa 1950
Price: GBP £1,795.00
Edwardian 2.12ct Turquoise and 1.32ct Diamond Dress Ring in 14ct Rose Gold
Price: GBP £1,795.00

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