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Charles Boyton & Son Ltd

The name Charles Boyton II and Charles Boyton and Sons Ltd. are both part of the long history of the silversmithing family of Charles Boyton, which was owned and managed at one time respectively by Charles Boyton, Charles Boyton II and Charles Boyton III.

The first hallmark of the company which was registered in London in 1825, and subsequently Charles Boyton II’s hallmark was registered in 1855, also at the London Assay Office.

From 1849 Charles Boyton II - the son of Charles Boyton- managed the company, aided by Charles Boyton III. In 1894 the name of the business changed to Charles Boyton & Son, and then was subsequently changed again once it became a limited company in 1919.

Charles Boyton III began an entirely new business in 1934 after Charles Boyton & Sons Ltd. ceased to be profitable. Charles Boyton III became the most well-known of The Boyton family in his own time, and was renowned for creating art deco inspired designs which were incredibly popular.

During this last phase of the Boyton silver enterprise, the firm became a wholesale silver and electroplate manufacturer. This was the most successful and profitable era of the company, through which Charles Boyton III was the managing director. This was in no small part due to his ability to attain commissions for large retail companies.

Charles Boyton III closed the final incarnation of the Boyton silversmith dynasty in 1948.

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