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History of the Christening Gift

Christening gifts have been given for centuries as part of the Christian ceremony to welcome a child into Christianity. Gifts are not only given by parents to commemorate the ceremony, but also other members of the family, often including godparents.

Silver christening gifts are believed to be gifted because silver is traditionally thought to be beneficial for health and is imbued with healing properties. Furthermore, silver was associated with wealth and prosperity due to its value and appearance. Silver christening gifts therefore signify the gift giver's desire for health and success for the child.

Types of Christening Gifts

There are many types of christening gifts which have become traditional choices over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Antique silver spoons have become one of the most frequently given gifts, with the spoon being symbolic not only of the baby's health and growth through infancy, but also their growth throughout life.

Silver christening mugs, the most popular of choices, have been gifted since the late 18th century. They symbolise nourishment which will help the baby grow to be healthy and strong. Christening mugs are often engraved with initials of the child, a monogram or even a family crest, sometimes including the date of a child's birth or christening ceremony. also been given as gifts for hundreds of years, as they symbolise the nourishment which will help the baby grow up to be healthy and strong. Christening mugs are often engraved with the initials of the child, a monogram or even a family crest, sometimes including the date of the child's birth or christening ceremony.

Silver napkin rings are also a popular choice of christening gift. Sets of napkin rings are often given to parents as the new child enters the family, to signify another place being set at the family dinner table.

In recent years silver frames have also become a popular choice. A portrait picture of the new family arrival in a fine quality antique silver frame, a memorable way of showcasing this most important of family events.

For those struggling to decide between christening gifts, it is also common to present a full christening set, which can include combinations of a spoon, napkin ring, bowl, egg cup, knife, fork and christening mug. Here at AC Silver we showcase a wide range of christenings gifts including all aforementioned favourites!

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